Safeguarding here at St. Mark's ...

We fully endorse the principles of effective care and protection towards all who may be considered vulnerable within our church community, and have adopted the statutory guidelines, as laid down by the Church of England, known as "Promoting a Safer Church" (click for information).

To the best of our abilities, we have implemented all recommendations here in the parish, with all relevant personnel (i.e. those who have primary contact with any 'vulnerable' people) subject to selection and appointment in accordance with the 'Safer Recruitment' guidelines in the above document [section 5].

We are as confident as we can be that St. Mark's Church provides a safe and caring environment, where all can gather, worship, pray, and be together - and we very much hope that you will find it so.
A copy of our 'Safeguarding' Policy, underlining the essence of "Promoting a Safer Church", can be found by clicking HERE

[Jan 2020: please be aware that, following the sudden death of Ms. Philippa Nicholas, this attached document is not up-to-date.  Further help/details can be obtained from Fr. Ian]
If, for any reason, you feel the need to discuss an issue, or simply want more information concerning 'Safeguarding'', please do not hesitate in contacting our appointed Safeguarding Officer, as detailed below.


Safeguarding Officer:  please contact the Church for the latest information


Alternatively, you can contact the Guildford Diocesan Safeguarding Lead:
Ian Berry, 07544-566850, e:



St. Mark's Email Contact:

Alternatively, contact 'Safeguarding' by post, using the Parish Office address:

1 St. Marks Close
GU14 6PP

[position currently vacant - as of 25/10/20]

NOTE: Please be aware that our email address is not a guaranteed secure site so we would recommend that you do NOT use it as a means of sending sensitive or personal information that you would prefer to keep confidential.  Use the email for general information, questions, requests for help, etc., and we will contact you directly - so please be sure to give us a telephone number and/or postal address.  Thank you.