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    ... where you are indeed sitting in our virtual Nave!  We want you to feel as close to your Church as you would being alongside your friends and fellow-worshippers.  WELCOME - and a special Welcome to any Visitors to our e-Church - we hope these words make you feel as much a part of our Church as you would if sitting in our real Nave.  From the comfort of your own armchair (and, let's be honest, our pews aren't all that comfortable!), join in with whatever we have to offer here in our ...

    Coronav e-Church


    We do not know how long this 'Coronavirus' situation is going to last; and we must all be patient as it progresses through - but hopefully, past - our lives.  We must certainly obey all the directives that come from Government.  They are there for a purpose, and it is up to all of us to contribute to the common good of society.  We especially hold in our thoughts and prayers, all those who work on the 'Front Line', and especially those Health Care workers who are heroically serving our neighbourhood.  We will get through this, sustained as we are by that reassuring sense of the Presence of God deep within.  Through this reality comes the means by which we can face the sheer challenge of it all.  Stay calm, Stay safe, Stay well.

    Fr. IAN

    A prayer in lockdown

    The doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked. (John 20.19)

    Ever present God,
    be with us in our isolation,
    be close to us in our distancing,
    be healing in our sickness,
    be joy in our sadness,
    be light in our darkness,
    be wisdom in our confusion,
    be all that is familiar when all is unfamiliar,
    that when the doors reopen
    we may with the zeal of Pentecost
    inhabit our communities
    and speak of your goodness
    to an emerging world.
    For Jesus' sake.

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    Click on the Titles below to read Fr. Ian
    musing on all sorts of things ...

    Latest Edition:

    (19 May)   SADDEST TIME OF ALL


        (13 May)   "IT'S ALL COME TO AN END"     ~

         (5 May)   LIVING verses EXISTING

     earlier "Shouts" have been sent to 'Archive' 
    feel free to read them at leisure

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    The climax to the story.  We approach the moment of Christ's Ascension, and the subsequent gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost - and we hope that the material below will be of help to you.
    We will continue to provide such for as long as this 'closure' period continues ...

    LECTIONARY of Bible Readings for May



    EASTER 7 [Sunday After Ascension] (24 May) Thoughts on Acts 1:6-14


    Our friends at St. Peter's have recorded some worship resources which you can access on their YouTube ChannelThere is a large range of items, including talks, prayers and worship itself.  They also have some material for children: PJ Church (for Juniors & Infants) and Youth Online (for teenagers).  There is a lot to choose from, so do take a look!

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    A new Church of England feature, with prayerful resources for all - click HERE for more details



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    If you are missing being inside the Church, why not go on a virtual journey around the building, using the STATIONS OF THE CROSS as your guide




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    [Meanwhile, please do not open this attachment if you are easily offended by irreverent 'religious' jokes ... but I think it's funny!]

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    All the photos - click HERE






    One of the VE DAY "TEA PARTIES"





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    NOTE: Periodically, material will be removed from this main "Coronav e-Church" page ... if you are looking for something (article or picture), you may now find it in the 'Archive', which can be accessed via the button on the menu-bar to the left

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    Frimley Park Hospital need SCRUBS.

    Click HERE for more information of an Appeal
    (both financial and practical)


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    During this "Coronavirus" situation, we have had to CANCEL the following:

    All worship & activities in Church - the building has been closed
    St. Mark's Fellowship Group - no more meetings for the time being
    Social Events - all planned social events in the parish calendar are suspended

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    are very much in our thoughts & prayers at this time
    as they try to understand the issues of this "Coronavirus" situation

      and why they are confined to their homes
    We've encouraged them to put some of their thoughts into prayer,
    which we are adding to the e-Church Prayer Calendar below
    so do take a look - and remember each of them at this time

    A Prayer for Today
    Lord, I’m here today with open hands and an open heart,
    ready to depend on you to help me through the day
    and all it will bring my way.
    Help me come to you for guidance, strength and protection,
    as I face tough choices and hard situations that we are all facing today.
    Help me live today in a way that brings honour to you

    LOGAN, Year 6

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    Take a look below at our PHOTO GALLERY ...
    we're making sure we don't forget each other during this situation ...
    and have gathered photos of Church members & events ...

    Keep them coming in!

    Just email a .jpeg file to Fr. Ian [smarksfbro@btinternet.com], and we'll add you to the montage.  These photos also act as another quiet way to remember our Church family in thought & prayer

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    Below, our e-Church Prayer Calendar, each day bringing you an Intercession.  It is compiled from requests for prayer made by each and everyone of you - so if there is any topic that you would like reflected in this rolling list, please get in touch by clicking HERE

    All of these petitions for prayer are also available, as a list, by clicking HERE

    (Meanwhile, our usual monthly cycle of Prayer for the whole parish is also available, as always, via the 'Prayer & Scripture' button in the menu-bar - thanks to Marie for continuing this feature)


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    Those working long and challenging hours, especially in Health Care


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