St Mark's Farnborough has an 'open' policy regarding Infant Baptism, whereby we are happy to discuss such with anyone who lives within the parish boundary.  There is no pre-set requirement for church attendance, although we certainly try to encourage such!  If you have a child under school age, and would like to investigate the possibility further, please follow the instructions on the Contact Us page of this website.

Baptisms are usually held during the main '10.30am' Sunday service, although can - in exceptional circumstances - be arranged on alternative days.  All Infant Baptism candidates require Godparents (a minimum of two or a maximum of three) - certain criteria apply regarding who you choose, so please ask for details before 'promising' someone the role!

For older children and adults, there are a number of conditions that have to be met before Baptism can occur (details available from the Church).  In these cases, church membership would be expected, and the Baptism seen in the context of a much wider vision.  Godparents are not usually required, although Sponsors are encouraged (and details will be provided upon enquiry).

There is no charge made for Baptisms - although, if you wish to make a 'Thank Offering' for your child, we are always grateful to receive a donation towards the work of our Church.  Your kindness is much appreciated.  If you would lke a Baptism Certificate, however, the charge, (payable to St Mark's PCC) is £18.00 (2023).

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