St. Peter's & St. Mark's


As part of our 'Seeking the Future' project here at St. Mark's, we have - in recent times - begun to look at ways to enhance our witness here in North Camp, and to strengthen - as best we can - the place our Church holds within the local community.  We are conscious that the task ahead has a number of challenges, not least in today's society which seems indifferent to the role churches play or the place and importance of God in people's lives - and we are also aware of the demands of running our Church and maintaining its life.  But, we are not giving in!  Small though we may seem, we are HUGE when it comes to determination - and part of that determination is to strengthen the overall witness by interacting with our neighbours at St. Peter's.

So, here in 2019 - under the encouragement of the Bishop of Guildford - we are beginning to develop a closer working relationship with our friends at St. Peter's Church (in Church Avenue).  In these early stages, we are hoping to discover and develop common ground through worship, which is the 'medium' by which many Christians engage with their God, and as both of our churches respond well to such an exercise, we recognise it to be a good place to start.

Our hope is that through praying and being together, we will provide the community at large with a strong and vibrant image of how significant an active relationship with God is in all our lives; and our further hope is that, by doing so, we ourselves will grow as one body of faith, whilst acknowledging the rich diversity in opinion, interpretation and practice which is the positive hallmark of how the Anglican Church operates and exists.


So, how is it all going to work?  In these 'early days' we will be choosing certain dates, some of which are significant to the Christian calendar, when either of us will host worship that both churches are then encouraged to support.  That way, we can maintain the traditions of each church whilst opening those ideas up to a wider mix of people.  For the most part, such services will be part of the natural pattern for the host church, rather than 'inventing' something special, although we are keen to see a sense of evolution take place as that adds a degree of excitement to the whole venture, so who knows where it might all lead?!  More than anything, we want to enjoy the experience, and see new and intriguing ways forward as we witness to God in our town.  Do join us!


For more information, please contact either Church via their clergy.