Incarnation - On the Horizon

2019 Ecumenical ADVENT COURSE : "INCARNATION" - On the Horizon

For those who came on the Course, we hope that you enjoyed the chance to look at what the prophet Isaiah shared with his people, and how that might just have been a glimpse into what lay ahead with the events of that First Christmas ...

Click on the following links to open up the text:

Week 1  :  Isaiah 2:1-5, led by Matthew Swires-Hennessy (St. Peter's)

Week 2  :  Isaiah 11:1-10, led by Ian C. Hedges (St. Mark's)

Week 3  :  Isaiah 35:1-10, led by Chris Blake (Methodist)

Week 4  :  Isaiah 7:10-16, led by Ian C. Hedges (St. Mark's)


For those of you who weren't able to join us, we hope that you may find it interesting to read these presentations.  Enjoy!