Crocheted Christmas Tree!

The story starts with an idea from Judith, to build a Christmas Tree made up of crocheted squares.  So many squares, in fact!  Over 2,000 were made by an avid group of volunteers in the congregation (and a few beyond), each uniquely different, whilst maintaining the core colours of red and green, and all the same size.



By the time it came to construct the Tree, it became obvious that 2,000 was going to make a very large Tree ... 15 feet tall, in fact!



The squares were attached to gauze, which now covered the frame, with pins so as to enable them to be taken off and used in another project: making blankets.  The overlapping design gave the Tree the appearance of leaves; and an awful lot of pins were needed to do so!  Topping it all off, a large star, which will 'double' as a cushion afterwards.



Meanwhile, a group of equally-enthusiastic people in New Zealand picked up on our original website article (thus proving just how small the global virtual world is!), and soon were in contact.  They, of course, were able to put their Tree outside as Christmas is at the height of summer in NZ.



We continued the link by exchanging squares: they sent some of theirs to go into our Tree, and we to them.  With Christmas over, it was time to dismantle, and turn the squares into the promised blankets, which are now on sale (contact Judith via our 'Contact Us' page on this website).  The squares from NZ were all put together, and made into one souvenier blanket (as seen in this picture).





And, here it is!












Over in New Zealand, there was quite a bit of media interest, which even mentioned us; sadly, we couldn't get any of the UK media to come along - so we enjoyed being 'famous' some few thousands of miles away!  Click HERE for the link to their article.


As a church community, we benefitted enormously from Judith's enthusiasm, and the skills of so many others, and had - throughout the Festive season - a most wonderful vision in wool.  "Thankyou" to you all.