Prayers during 'Lockdown'


As Covid-19 took hold ...

We can have an abortion, but not a baptism
We can buy a card, but not a votive candle
We can go to the supermarket,, but not a sanctuary
We can get divorced, but not married
We can break the law, but not receive absolution.


"The doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked ..."
(John 20:19)

​Ever present God,
be with us in our isolation,
be close to us in our distancing,
be healing in our sickness,
be joy in our sadness,
be light in our darkness,
be wisdom in our confusion,
be all that is familiar when all is unfamiliar,
that when the doors reopen
we may with the zeal of Pentecost
inhabit our communities
and speak  of your goodness
to an emerging world.
For Jesus' sake


This prayer was written by a Year 6 pupil at St. Mark's School:

Lord, I’m here today with open hands and an open heart,
ready to depend on you to help me through the day
and all it will bring my way.
Help me come to you for guidance, strength and protection,
as I face tough choices and hard situations that we are all facing today.
Help me live today in a way that brings honour to you

LOGAN, Year 6