"St. Mark's @ 5"

Launching with great enthusiasm in 2019, we're building on our earlier (2018) trial, and offering you a chance to worship in a slightly different - and possibly more relaxed - way than we usually do on a Sunday.

And, to make it even more intriguing, we're holding these services (around once a month) on a SATURDAY EVENING at 5.00pm - so why not come along and join us.  The style will indeed be a more relaxed format, with contemporary music and a chance to pray, alongside some input from scripture or similar.  It will last around 40 minutes, and is open to all ages - and there will be a cup of coffee afterwards!

There are no rules!  We are seeing how it evolves, so we hope you will share the adventure with us.  More than anything, we are keen to share the wonder of God with each and everyone, and to use the beauty of our Church setting to inspire us all.  Do join us ...


Saturdays at 5.00pm

26 January

16 February

16 March

Further dates to be announced ...