Poster Gallery

Remembrance Weekend - 10/11 November 2018
A profoundly important Weekend, marking both the national act of remembrance, and also the centenary of the end of World War One.

Christmas Fair - 8 December 2018
Our annual Christmas Fair, held this year in the Church.

'August Knit' - 18 August 2018
Get those needles sharpened ... and learn how to knit! Help us add to the mass of angels being created for our annual 'flight' around North Camp at Christmas

Angelic Extravaganza - December 2018
An ambitious project, aiming to bring a 'Heavenly Host' to the North Camp area, working in conjunction with the now well-established ecumenical "Angel Yarning" event

Afternoon Tea Party - 16 September 2018
A 'delicious' afternoon, raising funds for our Memorial Chapel restoration