Milk Bottle Tops! We need them ...

Do you use milk from the supermarket?  Do you recycle the bottle?  What do you do with the top?


Our Primary School children are busy collecting the coloured tops from the plastic milk-bottles that we all buy in the supermarkets.  We need as many as possible, so stop throwing them away and give them to us!  You will need to wash them (as dirty ones contaminate the collection so we would have to throw the whole lot away), and put the clean tops into the special Collecting-Bin that is at the back of the Church.  Alternatively, you can take them into the School.  NOTE: it must only be the tops from milk bottles; no other plastic container tops are acceptable as they are made of a different kind of material that is unsuitable.

We are collecting them so that they can be sent to a special recycling centre, where the money raised will go towards the work of NAOMI HOUSE CHILDREN'S HOSPICE.  For every 500kg collected, the recycling company will donate £30 to the Hospice, so help us to reach lots of '500' targets ... start collecting NOW!

THANK YOU from all the children ...
both at St. Mark's School,
and those who are patients at th
e Hospice